How do I know what size tyre I need?

The current tyres on your vehicle will have a string of numbers and letters moulded into the side walls (for example, 225/45 R19 92W). On WhichTyre, you can enter these values to find a suitable tyre, or simply select the make, year and model of your vehicle from the dropdown menus provided.

Click on the link for information about choosing the right tyre for your car.

How do the tyres get fitted to my car?

Once you’ve added tyres to your online shopping cart you will be prompted to select a fitting option. You can choose from either a fixed-site tyre centre, which will fit the tyres for you at the workshop, or select a mobile fitting provider (if available in your area) who will meet you at a location of your choice (e.g. home, workplace) to fit your tyres.

How do the tyres get to the fitting provider?

We handle all the logistics to ensure your tyres are ready at the service location or mobile tyre fitter you have selected by the time of your booking.

Why is it important to purchase quality tyres?

Quality tyres can save your life. It’s not worth seeking to save money by buying cheap tyres. Avoid re-treads or poor quality tyres and invest in tyres that keep you on the road with a controlled grip. Read why you should buy expensive tyres to learn how they’re safer and will likely save you money in the long run.